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Acupuncture for Insomnia

Acupuncture for Sleep Insomnia

Can you believe we sleep roughly ⅓ our lives? That's about 25 years (or 9,125 days) for the average 75-year old man or woman. Now that's a lot of sleep!


Sleep is such an integral part of our health, essential for repairing damaged cells and tissue, growing muscle, synthesizing proteins, enhancing the immune system, detoxifying the liver, relaxing the sympathetic nervous system, releasing growth hormones and restoring cognitive brain function. When our bodies don't get the rest they need, these processes are jeopardized. And for those who are insomniacs, bodily functions are severely compromised.  

About 60 million Americans are affected by insomnia each year, potentially influencing mood, work productivity and interpersonal relationships. In Traditional Chinese Medicine, acupuncturists look beyond the symptoms to find the root of the problem. A majority of the time, the culprits are an excess of energetic heat or deficiencies of the heart, liver or spleen (don't worry, these are energetic deficiencies of these organ systems in Chinese need for an organ transplant!). Whether acute or chronic, insomnia can be effectively treated with weekly acupuncture sessions and Chinese herbs. And those beautiful eight hours of uninterrupted "me time" can be yours again.

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