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Acupuncture FAQs

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* What is qi?
In Chinese medicine, qi (pronounced "chee") is life energy. It flows through the meridians, or channels, giving life to the body. 

* How does acupuncture work?
Thin needles are inserted at special points along the meridians of the body. Each point has a special function. When needled, these points are stimulated, and depending on your ailment, qi and blood are moved, heat or damp is expelled, and yin and yang are nourished. In layman's terms, these needled points give you the relief you need and promote a better, healthier body.

* What does acupuncture treat?
Acupuncture can treat everything from stress to weight issues, from pain to digestive illness, and everything in between. Anything health-related can be treated with acupuncture. For a brief list of illnesses Katie's treated, click

* Does acupuncture hurt?
Most times, acupuncture is painless. There may be a few points where there's a slight, quick pinch. But know takes 17 acupuncture needles to equal 1 doctor's needle (a needle that gives shots or draws blood). Or think of it like this: the width of an acupuncture needle is equivalent to that of a strand of human hair. 


* Are your needles clean?
The needles used in my practice are made of sterilized, surgical-grade stainless steel, and are created for one-time use. After your treatment I deposit them into a hazmat container, which when full, gets disposed of as medical waste.

* How long are sessions?
The initial treatment lasts about 75-90 minutes and follow-up treatments last up to 60 minutes. For more information, click 

* How many treatments do I need?
This is the million dollar question. Because everybody is different, and every body is different, there is no magic number. Therefore, we can't give you an answer before treatment. However, depending on how well you react between the first and second appointments, we can give you an estimate. On the whole, most people are asked to come once or twice a week for roughly three months. Generally, acute issues usually require 3-5 treatments, while chronic illnesses may involve 5-15 treatments. Most patients experience some change by the 6th or 7th treatment. Once bodies are back in balance, some patients like to continue treatments on an upkeep basis — some come for monthly ‘tune-ups,' others for seasonal treatments, and yet others once a year. It all depends on that unique individual.

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