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Typically, a course of treatment includes 12 sessions. Depending on the condition of the skin, the age of the patient, and his or her lifestyle, the patient may require more or less treatments. Generally, the majority of patients see the most noticeable results around the 7th session, but some may see a change after the very first treatment. After the 12 sessions, it's often recommended to continue with maintenance sessions monthly or seasonally, prolonging the effects for up to 5-10 years.


The first session lasts approximately 2 hours, while follow-up treatments are 1½ hours each, performed either weekly or bi-weekly. (Something to keep in mind – each succeeding treatment builds upon the last, so being consistent is important!) Each session includes acupuncture needles, as well as facial cupping and gwa sha. Dietary suggestions will be discussed as well to promote progress from the inside.


Comprehensive Facial Rejuvenation

The initial 2-hour treatment - $150

Subsequent 1½-hour treatments - $115

Revitalizing Laser/Cupping/Gwa Sha Treatment

Each 1-hour session - $75

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