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Why Facial Rejuvenation Acupuncture?

Unlike traditional facelifts, dermal fillers and Botox®, facial rejuvenation acupuncture is non-invasive. It’s also far less costly than surgery and has no side effects or risk of disfigurement. Plus, there’s no recovery time from swelling and discoloration that are typical with injections or surgical procedures. It’s an effective, safe and gentle alternative that not only takes years off one’s face, but improves overall health at the same time.

How Does It Work?

As you age, the 43 muscles in your face progressively lose mass and tone. This can cause sagging, fine lines, deeper wrinkles and that ‘tired’ look. Facial rejuvenation acupuncture improves the look and feel of your skin by building collagen and elastin, promoting the flow of blood and lymph, and strengthening your facial muscles – all while having no risk of infection, scarring or build-up of toxic chemicals. Needles are placed in the face in specific acupuncture points, as well as threaded into fine lines and wrinkles. These threaded needles cause micro trauma, which in effect, initiates the production of collagen.

Facial rejuvenation works on a deeper level as well. Super-thin needles are inserted into torso, arms and legs along different meridian pathways. These distal needles stimulate the circulation of the body’s energy (or “qi”) and blood, treating the underlying factors that contribute to the aging process. In particular, these needles:

  • Promote circulation, bringing blood, lymph and qi to the face

  • Improve muscle tone and dermal contraction

  • Increase the production of collagen and elastin

  • Eliminate and reduce fine lines and deeper wrinkles, respectively

  • Reduce bags under the eyes and puffiness in the face

  • Improve facial color and moisten skin through increased circulation to the face

  • Tighten the pores

  • Lift drooping eyelids and eyebrows and sagging jowls

  • Minimize double chin

  • Reduce age spots and the appearance of scars and improve overall skin tone

  • Reduce stress evident in the face

  • Balance hormones (in the case of acne or dry skin)

  • Promote overall health and well-being

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